Job Description: Pancha Karma Therapist at

Job Title:  Pancha Karma Specialist

General Description:  Provides panchakarma therapies and helps the center to run smoothly by supporting all of the activities. 

Job Responsibilities:  Performs daily panchakarma therapies as scheduled which includes preparing the therapy room with necessary equipment, oils, herbs, etc, performing the therapies and setting up the room for the next therapy.  

The Pancha Karma  Therapist Assistant will be required to report pertinent patient information to the managing Practitioner.

Qualities of the ideal candidate:  Applicants must be a certified Ayurvedic Therapist or Pancha Karma Specialist.  We are looking for a compassionate, kind, honest, hardworking, grounded, positive, and creative individual to join our Pancha Karma team.  

Starting Salary: 10000.00 per month

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