Technical coordinator Ayurveda

  •  Head Quarters related activities-         


                         -Participating in center related promotional events and activities

                         -Content writing for blogs and Booklets

                         - Monitoring treatments

   Ø   Recruitment Process and Training

  • Follow up with the HR to know about finalized candidates for the center
  • Prepare training schedule for VHG/VYG Doctors and Therapists/Instructors. To Coordinate with Technical Coordinator of Yoga and Naturopathy
  • Prepare training schedule for the candidates, and conduct training as per the schedule.

Ø  Check with the center

  • Center-specific requirements, such as modules, packages etc. Prepare modules and packages accordingly in coordination with TechnicalCoordinator of Yoga and Naturopathy.
  • Conduct monthly meetings to know the status of the services offered and feedbacks obtained from clients

Ø  Follow up with the center Doctor

  • Collect the report on center activities every 10 days for the first 2 months and every 15 days for the next 3 months, followed by monthly report thereafter.
  • Check with the center Doctor, if all the SOPs are followed.
  • Flyer content preparation and evaluation for any upcoming events at the center.
  • For IP centers, collect complete details of Inpatient in prescribed format in addition to discharged case details.

Ø  Evaluation

  • Evaluate the treatments done with respect to the condition. Check if Disease wise treatment modules are followed.
  • Training evaluation to be done.